Dragon's Lair


Max, a sexy gay we'erdragon, has been around several blocks several times.  Now he just wants to tend bar and be around his friends.  But when Alain, a former squire to a ruthless knight shows up at his bar at closing time, Max isn't too happy.  In fact, he's not sure he's not on Alain's hit list.  But something about the nervous young man who can't keep his hair out of his eyes touched Max.  He sets out to help the aspiring knight out of the mess his late lover left him in.

Witches' Arcana Series


BOOK  1 • Playing the Fool


This series is coming soon!  There are 22 Major Arcana cards in a tarot deck.  This series will follow the journey that Connor, Sean, Alex and Devon take to, somehow, raise Atlantis to its former glory!